Čertova kovárna - Vítězslav Bobčík

Greetings to everybody who love blacksmith art... My name is Vitezslav Bobcik and I would like to briefly share with you, how I started with this craft. My grandpa was a blacksmith too, so I was always hanging out in the smithy with him since I was a child. It was really an excellent start for my future career, and I was so fascinated by my grandpa’s work, that it became clear to me then and there, what I wanted to become in the future. I graduated trade school as an artist blacksmith and locksmith, but this was really just a basic craft education. Since I needed to focus on the artistic side of the craft, I continued with my studies at School of Art in Turnov (it has been around for more than 125 years). This school was really great and gave me so much.

The artistic side of the craft was really important, but the purity of material processing was important as well - I pride myself in that to this day. After graduating, I worked for my friend for two years. In the meantime, I set up my own smithy, where I have been working for ten years now. The steel in the forge, when subjected to the pounding of the hammer, presents inexhaustible possibilities of forming, shaping and expressing itself in the final product and that fascinates me about the whole process. I always try to pour a bit of myself into each product, give it a distinctive and unmistakable character, and create my own personal style.

I provide design, construction and installation of forged products, accessories for interiors and exteriors, gates, fences, bars, railings, housing and fireplace accessories, forged sculptures - all through the use of classic blacksmith techniques and modern technology.

Each year, I participate in blacksmith art events and fairs, as an observer , as well as active participant... Helfstyn, Brtnice, Buchlov .. I like to present my products and work this way . .. I hope you will get interested in my work and you will like it....

I make most of my work according to my own designs, in consultation with the architect, or, if a customer has his own ideas, after consultation with him. Each product designed and created ​​in my smithy is an original. All the metal objects must be protected by paint, which is special for each finished product, and also for the place of its installation. It is important to distinguish, where the product will be installed - in the exterior or interior. I give each commission my individual attention and approach, from design to execution and installation ... and of course, the personal contact and negotiation is the best , so do not hesitate, call and come see me in my smithy.

I recently had opportunities to experience the workshops outside of Czech Republic, for example in USA, and I try to gather experiences and inspiration, observe the non-European style of work, and implement them all in my work.